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Connecting for Action

Quick follow-up to my last post: I meant to write about "Connecting for Action" as evidence of the "new activist" I wrote about as one of my target audiences. Right after the election of Donald Trump last November, I got an email from a former classmate interested in bringing people together to figure out the best way to respond. Her idea was to host a lecture and networking event. I signed on immediately. Initially, I was offering my graphic design services for the event, but soon I got the idea to offer PoD's space for the event. Luckily, the whole staff was on board and super supportive of the idea.

We held the first "Connecting for Action" evening in December with lectures by Barnard Professor Katherine Krimmel on elections and group-party dynamics and Baruch Professor Johanna Fernández on building effective social movements. Last week, we hosted the second event, featuring Dennis Parker, Director of the Racial Justice Program for the ACLU. These events have drawn over 70 people each, and brought together people who feel compelled to take some sort of action, to "get involved," but who don't know where to start. 

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