Julia Lindpaintner

MFA Thesis

A blog documenting my journey creating a Master's thesis towards an MFA from the School of Visual Arts' Products of Design program.

I will not choose a thesis topic

But I have had a number of ideas: 

Moral dilemmas and design ethics
Distance and solitude
Silence and noise
Social norms vs. market norms
Maintenance vs. innovation
Secrecy vs. transparency
Immersive intentional communities
Ambivalence and paradox
How we organize and how we gather
Human resources vs. human capital
Cultural norms around tidiness and messiness
Finding meaning in the workplace
Diplomacy, negotiation, mediation, debate, and confrontation
Religion, faith, and tradition
Neutrality as an excuse for inaction
When in doubt, look out(wards)
Order and conformity
Hiking, camping, and summiting
Finding yourself inside and outside of stereotypes
Personal vs. impersonal