Julia Lindpaintner

Pentagram Projects


From 2012–2015, I was fortunate enough to be a part of Michael Bierut's team at Pentagram's New York office.

While there, I had the chance to collaborate with other partners as well, most notably Emily Oberman and Eddie Opara. I worked on a diverse set of projects, from books to branding, real estate marketing to physical installations. This page shows a selection of projects that I contributed to, as a strategist, researcher, copy editor, and project manager.



'How to' by Michael Bierut

Production supervisor for Michael Bierut's first monograph. Gathered images and handled rights acquisition.

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Team: Michael Bierut (Partner-in-charge, Designer), Sonsoles Alvarez & Chloe Scheffe (Production Managers), Hamish Smyth (Design Supervisor), Julia Lindpaintner (Production Supervisor), Andrea Monfried (Editorial Consultant), Rebecca McNamara (Copy Editor).

Puck Penthouses

Image researcher and copy editor for marketing book for Soho luxury loft apartments. 

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Team: Emily Oberman and Luke Hayman (Partners), Alex Stikeleather (Designer), Julia Lindpaintner (Researcher & Rights Acquisition). 

Pentagram Paper 43: Drawing McCarthy

Researcher & copy editor for a book of illustrations of the Army-McCarthy Hearings.

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Team: Emily Oberman (Partner), Arline Simon Oberman (Illustrator), Deva Pardue (Designer), Julia Lindpaintner (Researcher & Copy Editor).



Penguin Random House

On July 1, 2013, the legendary publishing companies Penguin and Random House joined forces. The merger made Penguin Random House the single largest English-language trade publisher in the world. Michael Bierut was hired to design their new visual identity and brand architecture. While our initial research that showed strong alignment in the companies' publishing philosophies and histories, an audit of their visual assets and the statements made by the two companies at the time of the merger revealed radically different approaches to branding. 

Many workshops and rounds of design later, we arrived at a flexible identity system that empowers each imprint to represent the company as a whole. Pentagram produced the animation below for the launch of the new identity on June 3, 2014. To everyone's delight, the world at large and even the design community generally commended the solution. 

Read more about the project here.

Team: Michael Bierut (Partner), Jesse Reed (Senior Designer), Julia Lindpaintner (Researcher & Project Manager). 

Wildlife Conservation Society

The Wildlife Conservation Society is a global organization that operates New York City's four zoos and one aquarium, conducts scientific research worldwide, and leads environmental activism around conservation of both plant and animal life. Though ultimately mutually reinforcing, these three distinct operational silos within the organization, and the different audiences they imply, made it difficult to align around a common visual identity. 

The final solution is an adaptable identity, which can be dialed up or down depending on the context. The rallying cry of "We Stand for Wildlife" united the goals of the organization, whose educational, scientific, and charitable activities work together to protect and conserve the natural world.

Read more about the project here.

Team: Michael Bierut (Partner), Jesse Reed (Senior Designer), Julia Lindpaintner (Researcher & Project Manager). 


Library of America

Since its founding in 1979, Library of America has bridged two worlds. First, it is a nonprofit institution with a specific cultural mission: preserving, and promoting the relevance of, classic American literature. At the same time, Library of America is a publishing company, selling its editions by subscription and at retail, both through bookstores and online. 

Though it has managed these two roles through the upheaval of the publishing industry, in 2011 the organization enlisted Pentagram's services to help rethink its primary activities, redefine its relationship with its supporters and customers, and consider the way LoA would continue to achieve its mission in the digital age. Library of America's new positioning is reflected in their new website.

Team: Michael Bierut (Partner), Jessica Svendsen (Senior Designer), Julia Lindpaintner (Strategist). 
Web design by Area 17.

The Broad Institute

The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard is an independent research institution dedicated to accelerating the pace at which the world conquers disease. In the absence of a historic or organic donor-base, The Broad Institute faces the challenge of reaching new donor audiences and making a unique and compelling case for support. At the time of its 10-year anniversary, The Broad partnered with Pentagram to launch of an expanded development effort, through which The Broad would increase awareness of its position at the epicenter of the current revolution in biomedicine. 

The visual identity and messaging developed is exemplified on their dedicated donor microsite, giving.broadinstitute.org, and was carried across a range of materials, from printed donor impact reports to environmental graphics at donor events.

Team: Michael Bierut (Partner), Jessica Svendsen (Senior Designer), Julia Lindpaintner (Strategist).

New York Real Estate

The Greenwich Lane

Identity, branding, marketing materials, and sales displays for a luxury real estate development in the West Village. In order to facilitate the explanation of the unique characteristics of each the six buildings, we designed an interactive touchscreen table and personalized digital brochure system for the sales office, the first of its kind in New York real estate sales. Read about the result in The New York TImes and learn more about the development at thegreenwichlane.com.

Team: Michael Bierut, Emily Oberman & Eddie Opara (Partners), Elliott Walker & Ken Deegan (Senior Designers), Julia Lindpaintner (Strategist, Project Manager, UI/UX)
Table programming by AV&C. 


Identity, branding, marketing materials, and interactive sales displays for MoMA's new neighbor, a luxury high-rise designed by architect Jean Nouvel with interior architecture by Thierry Despont. Visit 53w53.com to learn more about the offering.

Team: Emily Oberman & Eddie Opara (Partners), Jonathan Correira & Ken Deegan (Senior Designers),  Ashley Cotton & Julia Lindpaintner (Project Managers & Strategists). Ongoing.
Developed in-house by Pentagram.

111 Murray Street

Identity, website, and marketing materials for Tribeca luxury residential apartments at 111 Murray Street. Visit 111murray.com to learn more about the offering.

Team: Emily Oberman & Eddie Opara (Partners), Elliott Walker (Senior Designer), Ashley Cotton & Julia Lindpaintner (Project Managers & Strategists). Ongoing.

Pacific Park Brooklyn & 550 Vanderbilt Avenue

Identity, website, marketing materials, and sales displays for Brooklyn's newest neighborhood, a mixed-use development at the former Atlantic Yards, and for its first residential opportunity, designed by COOKFOX. Visit pacificparkbrooklyn.com and 550vanderbilt.com to learn more.

Team: Emily Oberman & Eddie Opara (Partners), Hamish Smyth & Angie Foster (Senior Designers), Tess McCann & Julia Lindpaintner (Project Managers & Strategists). Ongoing.


Mad Men bench

A tribute to the end of an era, the Mad Men Bench was designed by Pentagram partner Lorenzo Apicella. Commissioned by AMC, the bench was installed on the plaza of the Time Life Building (fictional headquarters of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce) for six months.

Read more about this project here.

Team: Lorenzo Apicella (Partner & Designer), Michael Bierut & Emily Oberman (Partners), Julia Lindpaintner (Project Manager).

KIPP Library Codes

Pentagram worked with The Robinhood Foundation and KIPP (Knowledge Is Power Program) to create stimulating and representative environmental graphics throughout their new school in the Bronx. One project among many was to create unique codes to be etched on the panes of the library windows, challenging students to think creatively, learn about different code structures, and solve all ten by graduation.

Read more about this project here

Team: Michael Bierut (Partner), Britt Cobb (Senior Designer), Julia Lindpaintner (Code Generator).