Julia Lindpaintner


Restless, you begin to reach for your phone. But then you glimpse your lucet, and pick that up instead. 


Industrial design / Hand crafted

MFA Products of Design, School of Visual Arts
Guidance from Sinclair Scott Smith
Fall 2015


This Lucet was made based on the assignment to recreate an obsolete hand tool—by hand. I was particularly interested in tools traditionally used by women. I love quilting and crochet, and I recalled a tool that I had used for knitting cited as a child called a 'Strickliesel' in German. A bit of research revealed this to be a tool popularized in the mid-twentieth century, called a Knitting Nancy in English. The principle used in this implement is traced back to the lucet, a tool of Viking origin, traditionally made of whale bone.

This reimagined Lucet is made of cherry wood.


In the Middle Ages, the lucet was popularized in wood and was given a handle. Through several prototypes, I experimented with slight adjustments in size and shape and found a lyre-like shape both beautiful and comfortable to hold. My final mechanical drawings include perspective drawings as well as instructions for use.

The tool takes a bit of practice, but the technique is easily learned. You can make cord very quickly, which can be coiled into rugs, blankets, or clothing. It is also a very comfortable occupation for restless hands, demanding a bit of focus, but easily done while having a conversation.