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Designer Babies

Plan of action

Following the approximate guidelines of my thesis work, I could take the following steps to build out my research:

  1. Secondary research—Learn & read about neo-eugenics, state of the art in 'designer babies,' ethics, reproductive justice, etc.
  2. Speculative design work—Create sketches and prototypes to embody some of my initial thoughts on the topic
  3. Subject matter expert interviews—Talk to neo-eugenicists, scientists, surrogates, fertility specialists, parents, pro-life and pro-choice activists, etc
  4. Co-creation workshop to further explore some aspect of the research
  5. Service Entrepreneurship sprint—Design 2 services based on problem statements
  6. Screen Design sprint—Create a storyboard for an app, design a few screens, and user test
  7. Social Enterprise sprint—Identify a change I want to see in the world and imagine the organization who moves us towards that reality
  8. Sustainability sprint—Design a physical product related to the topic that has a net-positive environmental impact
  9. Prospectus & Defense—Summarize the work done in a written and oral presentation

This is not binding—just an idea of how I might go about this. More soon!

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