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My name is Julia Lindpaintner and I'm a Swiss-Austrian-American designer living and working in New York City.

Raised in Basel, Switzerland, I graduated cum laude with a BA in History of Science and Dramatic Arts from Harvard University in 2009. After three years performing professionally with New York-based modern dance companies, I sought a different kind of creative outlet and joined Michael Bierut’s team at Pentagram. While there, I acted as project manager, strategist, researcher, and writer on projects ranging from brand strategy and corporate identity to books, digital marketing tools, and environmental installations across a variety of industries. This experience led me to understand design as a means to foster communication within organizations, make a variety of futures tangible, and communicate powerfully and effectively.

Eager to gain a stronger foundation in design and explore its expansive potential, I chose to pursue my MFA at the School of Visual Arts Products of Design program, from which I will graduate in May 2017. The mission statement of this interdisciplinary program resonated instantly: "Designers are no longer in the artifact business; they are in the consequence business." Learning from celebrated industry professionals in systems and service design, I have come to understand design as a force for social change. 

I furthered this understanding during the summer of 2016, when I worked for Common Cents Lab in San Francisco. Dedicated to improving the financial well-being of low and middle-income Americans, this non-profit applies principles of behavioral economics to financial products and services. This exposure to behavioral science amplified my appreciation of psychology as a design tool, as well as the relative benefits of quantitative and qualitative research.

To me, design is the best framework for tackling the things that matter. As a designer, I intend to work towards inclusiveness and justice by creating win-win strategies, facilitating collaboration and psychological safety, encouraging prosocial behavior, and envisioning alternative systems.

In my free time, I like to sing Karaoke with the Karafun app, criss-cross Manhattan on Citi Bike, find ways to blend whimsy and practicality, and explore the outer reaches of the New York subway system.

Get in touch with me or download my CV for more information—I'm always interested in potential new collaborations.

Thank you & auf Wiedersehen!